GOGOS-FRANKENSTEIN-KARLOFF1Torches and pitchforks, midnight at the castle, pass it on! It’s


Today is Mary Shelly’s 226th birthday, the author of one of the most popular stories in history.

Originally published in 1818 as “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Shelley not only wrote a completely original and compelling novel, but introduced an enduring theme in literature, the unbalanced scientist playing God.

In the book, the unnamed Monster is a bright, well-spoken brute given to sullen introspection, grudge holding, complaining about his lack of a soul, and murdering people.

Hollywood and Boris Karloff made Frankenstein’s monster an inarticulate simpleton with the strength of ten who went ballistic when anyone lit a match, while television’s Herman Munster lightened him up considerably and gave him a wacky family of lovable ghouls.

No matter which Frankenstein you prefer, everyone loves the story that was written on a bet to see who could write the scariest story. The 21 year-old Mary Shelly won hands down, and so did lovers of great storytelling, for over 200 years now.

*Suggested Activities: Run for your life.

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