VJ Day, NYC78 years ago today, the global slaughter that was World War 2 came to an end when Japan surrendered, making August 14th


VJ stands for Victory over Japan.

With the announcement of their capitulation, the biggest and bloodiest war in history was over, a mechanized nightmare fought on four continents and two oceans, claiming an estimated 80 million lives.

The great cities of Europe and Asia were in smoking ruins, the work of centuries bombed into rubble. The world rejoiced that it was finally over, and spontaneous celebrations sprung up all over the planet. Peace at long last.

There were winners and losers, tyrants defeated, great empires dissolved and new ones created. The victors held grand parades, but in a greater sense, the whole world lost World War 2.

We found out what we were capable of as human beings, and it wasn’t pretty. The worst atrocities in history were committed during this war, and the most destructive weapons ever devised by the mind of man were unleashed on soldiers and civilians alike by both sides, ultimately thrusting us unwittingly into the Atomic Age, a Sword of Damocles still hanging over our heads.

For today, remember the joy of peace, and dream of an end to war. We can be better, it’s not too late.

•Suggested Activities: Love, love, love.

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