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Mini BobOkay, so technically it’s International World Wide Web Day, way too generic a holiday for a means of communication with untold millions of sources, so we settle for one destination today, the Second Best Website Ever on


As everyone knows, the internet was invented in the basement of the Vice Presidential Mansion by Al Gore early in the Clinton Administration, since Vice Presidents have nothing better to do.

Next thing you know, a billion kitten pictures are flooding the ethernet and, in the southeast corner of Brooklyn, a worldwide phenomenon was born,

What is A website, of course, you boob! This is International World Wide Web Day, isn’t it? Not just any website, though, but home to the best songs you don’t know yet, and the best songwriter you never heard of, Bob Crespo.

Wait, that’s not all! There’s also Today’s National Day, Life Explained, short stories, bogus interviews and all sorts of posts, humorous and otherwise, including Jimmy, The Blogging Dog.

So stop by, listen to some great music, (spend a lousy 99¢ on a song, you cheapskate!) and read all about it, there’s lots to hear and read on, and you can leave comments too. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Music… Truth… Life Explained.

•Suggested Activities: Click on early and often so I can pile up site hits and earn some dough for a change, this starving artist shit gets old. Nag others to do the same.

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