Tequila FarmHere’s a holiday where it doesn’t matter how you celebrate, since you won’t remember it anyway. Let’s have an involuntary shudder for


Tequila is a nasty tasting white whiskey made from the blue agave plant native to the state of Jalisco in Mexico, where it is grown on vast Tequila Farms.

It is North America’s first indigenous distilled spirit, an adaption by the Spaniards of the Mayan fermented drink pulchre.

The stuff caught on, and about 80 years after the conquest of Mexico, the King of Spain gave the Cuervo family a license to mass-produce Tequila, and Jose Cuervo remains a very popular brand.

Tequila can be consumed in a Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Zombie, or any number of syrupy cocktails, but is most often swallowed in shots, along with a pinch of salt and a wedge of lemon or lime.

Several of these and you’ll have to cancel any plans you might have for the next 36 hours. Several more and your brain goes AWOL, and the next thing you know you wake up and it’s not Tequila Day anymore, it’s Some Other Day, and you’re in somebody else’s house, you’re not exactly sure who.

•Suggested Activities: Finding your pants

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