hammock-nap-110620The Dog Days of Summer are upon us, and slow and easy is the way to go. The sun is blazing and wide, the humidity makes it feel like you are wearing a warm wet blanket and frankly, you need a nap. Which is where this holiday comes in,


We spend the rest of the year hustling and bustling about, keeping our appointed rounds and our noses to the grindstone, as earnest and purposeful as the ants we find so amusing to watch.

But this is Summer, dammit, and Summertime demands a certain amount of lazy and irresponsible behavior.

The hammock is calling, and the hammock is your friend. Lie down, see how it fits the contours of your body like no bed ever has, and let it gently sway in the breeze until you are fast asleep.

If there’s something else you were supposed to be doing, so much the better, your sleep will be untroubled. This is for you alone, so sleep the sleep of the just, and dream your sweetest dreams.

•Suggested Activities: As little as is humanly possible

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