Avignon, Picasso nudesNow here’s a holiday that won’t have you shopping for a new outfit or sending your best threads to the dry cleaners. Suit up for


Originally a New Zealand holiday (Who knew they were so cool? Or much of anything about New Zealanders for that matter?), Nude Day is not about nudist colonies or nude beaches, but a celebration of the human body from an artistic standpoint.

Think of all the great art that has been created depicting the nude human form in every pose imaginable. Every art student must learn to draw and paint nudes, and a detailed knowledge of human anatomy is essential in order to paint people wearing clothes. An artist studies how people move and how they stand, and to achieve a realistic portrayal of people, one must study them in their birthday suits.

And not just the perfect beautiful bodies that society parades in front of us to make us feel inadequate, but bodies of every type; tall or short, thin or fat, and everything in between. Don’t be ashamed of your body. It got you this far, didn’t it? Let’s celebrate our naked selves today, and dance for the sheer joy of being human.

•Suggested Activities: Take it off, take it all off.

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