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There are scientific geniuses, artistic geniuses, literary and political geniuses, each one contributing to mankind with their creations and ideas. Then there are the Transcendent Ones, those whose intellect and moral courage change the world, elevating every person. Today we celebrate just such a man on


They were persecuted, they suffered, endured insult and humiliation, and their lives and freedom were often in grave danger. Their crime? Refusing to turn their backs on the oppressed and enslaved.

Such people meet every challenge with granite resolve, and mobilize peaceful armies to defeat inequality. None exacted revenge on their former tormentors, offering brotherhood, peace and reconciliation instead.

They were the best people of their generation, the Lincolns, the Gandhis, the Mandelas, the Kings. Martin Luther King Jr. was the Transcendent Man who said the time was now, the place is here.

A nation changed, and the world changed along with it. Like Lincoln and Gandhi, it cost Dr. King his life, an event he foresaw and turned into his greatest speech. He was our native American son, but like all such people, Martin Luther King belongs to all nations and all times, his message very much alive, his words still ringing.

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