Stack of hats

“I’ve felt some good felt hats and felt some bad felt hats, but I’ve never felt a felt hat that felt quite like that felt hat felt.” Words to live by on


Wear ‘em if you got ‘em; Fedoras, Caps, Bonnets, Toques, Sombreros, Homburgs, Ten Gallons, Panamas, Top Hats, Beanies, Boaters or stingy brim Pork Pies.

What’s your hat of the day? If it’s a Susquehanna hat, wear it good health, but don’t advertise, we all know where that leads. The same holds true if you’re wearing the Kirwood Derby, mum’s the word.

Whether you prefer felt, straw, wool or synthetic, a good hat is the sure sign of sophistication and style, as well being practical. For the follicularly challenged, nothing keeps your chrome dome warm or protected from the burning sun like a good hat.

For the pretty ladies, a chic hat makes you an Instant Goddess, every man your willing slave. So whip out your favorite headgear and turn some heads today.

•Suggested Activities: Looking criminally chi-chi.

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