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lEmonade-standThey line our streets, and we pass them every day in our travels. They sell us our food and dry goods, repair our homes and cars, and ship our goods across the land, so we celebrate


Small, family-owned stores rock. They know you and you know them, their service is friendly and immediate, and the best ones are just a little peculiar.

If you have a question, someone knows the answer, if you have a complaint, you can talk to the boss in person. Special requests are normal, and nobody greets you at the door welcoming you to sign up for another credit card.

Small businesses also stand by their products and services, since their reputation for reliability is the only thing keeping them in business. They can’t afford huge advertising campaigns, and their profits are not channeled to anonymous stockholders, but both owners’ and employees’ salaries are spent right in their hometowns, paying mortgages, local taxes, educating their children and contributing to the local social and economic life.

Shop local this holiday season, you will get more than your money’s worth, you will get a community. Go local, not loco.

•Suggested Activities: Arguing with the produce guy about the price of peppers

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