John+LennonImagine no John Lennon. It’s not easy, even if you try. No Beatles, no Day in The Life, no Imagine, no Jealous Guy, no I Feel Fine or Eight Days a Week. Unthinkable. He would have been 82 on this


Born in wartime England to a teenage mother and a merchant sailor of Irish descent, John Winston Lennon grew up in Liverpool, a gritty seaport city on England’s Northwest coast where the Mersey River empties into the Irish Sea.

He had a turbulent childhood, raised by an aunt and uncle and having limited contact with his natural parents. He was a brilliant child but a troublemaker, forever at odds with the authorities who didn’t quite know what to do with such a boy.

Well, he figured it out on his own by immersing himself in American Rock & Roll, and by the time he was in his teens was playing in his own band, Johnny and the Moon Dogs, which would eventually become The Beatles, consisting of himself, his songwriting partner Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Together they became the most successful and creative band in music history, writing the soundtrack to the 1960s and having an unprecedented cultural impact.

The Beatles ended when the ’60s did, but John Lennon was not finished creating, and was still making vital and beautiful music when he was murdered at only age 40 in his adopted home of New York City in 1980.

His main message was Love, and Lennon was an outspoken crusader for world peace, which of itself would be a fine legacy, but his music is what sets him apart, and is still wildly popular all over the world he so loved.

Imagining John Lennon was his life’s work, and our great good fortune. Give Peace A Chance.

• Suggested Activities: Rocking down the house!

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