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Techie coupleYou know them, you don’t especially love them, but you have to deal with them sooner or later, so we might as well celebrate their special day and get it over with. Yes, today is


They answer our anguished calls for tech support and give us phony names (what else will they lie about?), come to our homes and offices to discipline our recalcitrant electronic devices, and treat us all like slow children.

Who, pray tell? They are the Computer Whisperers, trained in the mysterious arts of the chip and the nanobyte.

Techies speak their own language, eat only stale junk food and dress like 10 year olds with taped-up eyeglasses, so we will know their calling and accord them proper reverence.

While techie nerds have always been with us, they are in such demand in todays’ modern world that they are even getting laid these days, as disturbing a mental picture as that may be. Live long and prosper.

•Suggested Activities: Eye rolling, Transformer movie-quoting

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