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Julius-CaesarWe still use his calendar, only slightly modified by Pope Gregory, still eat his salads, and still live in the world he created. Today we wish him a Happy 2,122nd birthday on


Yes, Julius Caesar was everything they say he was and more; politician, brilliant military strategist, author, dictator, conqueror, famous concubine-keeper, formulator of calendars and killer on a grand scale.

Caesar transformed Rome from a Republic to an Empire that straddled much the known world. The name Caesar is still synonymous with absolute power, as well as ruthlessness and ambition.

A man who once forced 2,000 captive soldiers to fight to the death to entertain an audience, Julius Caesar was the ultimate Patrician, a cold egotist who valued only his own life and desires. He began his career of conquest mainly because he was deeply in debt due to his extravagant lifestyle, and killing the neighbors and stealing their stuff was the way of the world.

Turns out he was good at the war business and returned to Rome fabulously wealthy, and a national hero. He soon parlayed his popularity into immense personal power. Like many a “great” man, Caesar was adept at creating a crisis, then presenting himself as the best man to solve it.

Humanity being as gullible then as they are now, they fell for it, but even absolute power was not enough for him, and one Ides of March he was killed on the Senate floor by a bunch of his former friends at age 55, who had had just about enough of his greatness. His nephew and adopted heir soon took over and became the first Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus, a title Caesar once declined, at least in name.

•Suggested Activities: Not praising, but burying Caesar.

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