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FairiesThe first one we hear about is the Tooth Fairy, who buys our baby teeth for 50¢ a pop, sort of an odd hobby, but she’s but one of the magical creatures we celebrate on


Unlike some creatures from the realm of magic and moonlight, Fairies don’t have a mean bone in their tiny little bodies, and always look out for you.

They protect us from those other magical beings, most of whom are monsters or ogres of one sort or another, hell bent on terrorizing children of all ages.

Fairies are cool, even if they’re notoriously fickle, but when you’re the embodiment of goodness, joy and endless possibilities, you get to be fickle. They may tantalize you, but they’ll never break your heart. Odds are you won’t get your wish, but an encounter with a fairy will always lead you right to where you’re supposed to be.

•Suggested Activities: Trust and belief.

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