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Supid stuntWhere would Emergency Rooms be without them? Pretty short of laughs in a grim atmosphere is where, so let’s celebrate


Most males of the human species bear reminders or our less-than-finest moments, the various scars, mended bones and police records that last a lifetime.

Who can forget the time Jimmy was showing off his new gun and shot his own pinky toe clean off? On both feet. Jimmy sure doesn’t forget when he puts his socks on every day.

Remember Billy Broken Nose, who decided that big mean-looking bouncer wasn’t so tough? Well, guess again, Billy, that guy was tough as hell. Mean as he looked, too. Billy never did look quite the same after that.

How about Big Jack, who was hanging Christmas lights and figured that old duct-taped step ladder would hold him, for some reason forgetting that he was called Big Jack because he weighs 325 pounds? That didn’t end well either. At least not for Jack. Everyone else was pretty amused, though, even the ER personnel charged with removing that plastic Santa from his butt.

Stupid Guys are a national treasure, object lessons for the rest of us to think about things a little before we jump. And when a few of them get together for some hare-brained stunts? Priceless. Fireworks, diving boards, bungee jumping, off-road vehicles, guns, open flames, power tools and messing with electricity all take a drop of forethought, and stupid guys doing stupid things are our eternal reminders to have a care in this dangerous world.

Also known as What Could Go Wrong Day, Stupid Guys Doing Stupid Things Day is a celebration of our human coal mine canaries, long may they (somehow) survive.

Suggested Activities: Unplugging the damned thing first.

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