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Boys Classic Flip-Flops - Crimson RedYou really can’t run in them, but that’s one of the beauties of our favorite summer footwear as we celebrate


Called “thongs” before thongs became intimate apparel with strong comic associations, your rubber flip-flops are adapted from a simple sandal that has been in use for 6,000 years.

The shoe named for the sound it makes, flip-flops are basically a foot-shaped rubber pad with 3 holes punched in them, holding a strap that more or less secures the whole flimsy contraption to your bare foot.

We get our first pair of flip-flops as toddlers and promptly lose one of them, a pattern that continues forever. They make a racket, aren’t particularly good for your arches, and fall off a lot, but flip-flops are joyful freedom for your feet, and essential for your soul in the Summertime. Slip on a pair and regress.

•Suggested Activities: Flip-flopping.

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