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VJ Day, NYCSeventy seven years ago today, on May 8, 1945, Germany’s Third Reich surrendered unconditionally. For Europe, the long nightmare of World War 2 was over. For America, it marked a job halfway done on


Victory in Europe in World War 2 marked the beginning of the end of the bloodiest war in history. By August of 1945, the Japanese Empire also gave up the ghost in a global war that took 80 million lives, but only after losing two entire cities to the Nuclear Age.

The Great Cities of Europe and the Far East were Great Smoking Ruins, and the news of an unspeakable Holocaust by the Nazis soon soured any victory celebrations.

Let our soldiers who died fighting global fascism be the architects of our enduring commitment to avoiding catastrophic wars like the one that nearly destroyed us all. May we never dishonor their sacrifice, and always work for peace.

•Suggested Activities: Declaring love, waging peace.

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