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Lotsa babiesFor those of you who don’t believe in miracles, skip this, because you’ll only get in the way while the rest of us celebrate


There is no more remarkable creature in existence than a human baby, all at once simple but complex, intimate yet unknowable.

From their first frightened, needful cries sampling their first lungfuls of nothingness, to their first smile of delight, a baby is magnet for the love and attention of everyone around them.

Babies are helpless, noisy, messy, inconvenient and totally unconcerned with your wants and needs, but magic enough to make us all their adoring slaves.

Who else can make instant clowns of serious adults? Who else can run a household without speaking? Who else can touch places in our hearts we didn’t know we had? And who else can pull off footies? Little miracles, every one, and being one of them is one of the few universal human experiences.

•Suggested activities: Practicing your dopey voice.

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