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Rod SerlingConsider, if you will, one severely traumatized WW2 combat veteran from the small northeastern city of Binghamton, NY, an actor and acclaimed writer of screenplays and TV scripts during the Golden Age of Television, somewhere on…


Rod Serling was The Twilight Zone, it’s creator, main writer, producer, narrator and muse.

An intense, wiry little man in a black suit and matching furrowed eyebrows who chain-smoked as he set up the premise for the night’s show, The Twilight Zone was always a sojourn into the bizarre and improbable, giving the viewer a fly-on-the-wall perspective as the ordinary lives of ordinary people took some very odd and dramatic turns.

The best Twilight Zone episodes left us laughing at our own human folly, our self-absorbed vanity, and mankind’s self-destructive ways. The world Serling created was filled with a sense of impending doom, of being watched, with unseen forces shaping our lives.

Well, the smoking and intensity killed Rod Serling at only age 50, so maybe his sense of urgency and dread was justified. His restless mind, however, left us plenty of food for thought, and some of the most entertaining television shows ever produced.

•Suggested Activities: Expecting the unexpected.

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