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equal payLet’s bet dollars to doughnuts today. Ohwait, you’re a woman, so make that 82¢ to doughnuts, you don’t make as much as a man doing the same job as you because . . . because  . . . well, you’re a woman. That doesn’t sit right with most people, especially on


Women are generally more level headed, industrious and adaptable than the males of our species, and a hell of a lot less hostile.

Truth is, despite all the statues of King So And So, Emperor What’s His Name and a hundred murderous oafs nicknamed “The Great,” women have been the engines of civilization for as long as there has been human civilization.

Their reward? Patronizing references to “the weaker sex,” substandard education, second class citizenship and unequal pay in the workplace. More working women than men live in poverty, millions of them single mothers, and promotions routinely go to men over women.

Employers pay some of their best workers less, simply because they can get away with it. That time is drawing to a close as America takes another step on the long road to true equality.

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