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Rainbow over the Muldrow GlacierHere’s a beauty of a day, combining the real and the surreal, the unattainable with the material. It’s a holiday of the mind and spirit on


Spring is here, with its April showers and cold, clean sunshine, giving us nature’s own light show, the rainbow, as in “every-color-of-the.”

What does a rainbow mean to you? Leprechauns, gold? Good luck? An omen of love? A bridge to the heavens?

There are few more magical sights in nature, few grander feelings in our hearts. Sure, we know rainbows are a natural phenomenon with a scientific explanation, but who cares? There are people in charge of that stuff and you’re not one of ’em. It’s a rainbow, dammit, an it’s speaking to you!

It’s magic, it’s beautiful, and so are you. Put one in your pocket and fly away somewhere, to that special Paradise you know is out there waiting for you.

•Suggested Activities: Daydreaming, feeling majestic.

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