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fingers crossed lyingToday might, or might not be


If ever there was an overrated virtue, it is honesty. Are they kidding with this one?

Honesty can be downright suicidal! The idea is that for this one day, anyone can ask a person anything and they are expected to answer completely honestly.

What, without the extenuating circumstances? Even love life questions are not out of bounds today. Without regard to who wound up married to who, and who’s not with who anymore? That’s a mine field, and lying like a rug is the better deal.

What about all those “does this make me look fat” questions? No slender person asks those questions, so lying is your only option there. You do want to grow old, right? That’s the main goal in life, not to drop dead before you absolutely have to, so apply your honesty wisely, and sparingly.

•Suggested Activities: Telling your story and sticking to it.

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