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humanrightsThe official name of this holiday is the completely unreasonable and very United Nationish “International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims,” so we’ll just go with


As usual, there’s a lot of tyranny and oppression going on in this world and, as usual, the enemies of Human Rights try to avoid attention, committing their crimes and atrocities away from the prying eyes of a world increasingly intolerant of Human Rights abusers.

The world has been shrinking for a long time now, and the Digital Age makes it harder and harder to hide atrocities. Thanks to the internet, every computer is a potential broadcast desk, every cell phone a news camera.

Try as they may to control the media, word always gets out as brave people risk their lives to spread the truth and save others. The freedom of movement, speech and choice we take for granted are not universal. There are campaigns of slavery, genocide, torture and false imprisonment being waged every day, as well as cruel oppression.

Today we remind the world that every member of the United Nations signed its Human Rights Declaration, and every nation must be held accountable for the treatment of its citizens.

•Suggested Activities:  Speaking for the silenced, lifting the fallen.

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