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Polar BearjpgYou’re a 9 foot-tall, fifteen hundred pound mountain of muscle and menace in white fur, living in the frozen north and swimming in the Arctic Ocean like some crazy Scandinavian, and you just happen to be the largest species of terrestrial predator. Must be


Not to be confused with the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island, people who jump in the ocean every New Year’s Day and live in houses the rest of the time, Polar Bears are built for the cold.

They have thick, waterproof hides covering a layer of fat that allows them to live in subzero temperatures and swim a hundred miles or more in frigid seas. Their broad paws are adapted to grip the slick ice, and they can smell prey a mile away.

They are the only bears who are pure carnivores, eating almost no vegetation, subsisting mostly on ringed seals, the occasional walrus and, for the big and ambitious, beluga whales. They are the undisputed kings of the ice.

Unfortunately, Polars Bears are in trouble, as Global Warming breaks up the ice floes and lengthens the Arctic Summer, the leanest of times for Polar Bears.

These magnificent beasts have roamed the northernmost portion of the world for millennia, but their numbers are dwindling as their habitat shrinks, or rather, melts away.

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