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Caspian-TigerImagine a world with no lions and tigers or bears. Oh, my. Or one without elephants, eagles, leopards, wolves, giraffes or moose. No, thank you. Instead we’ll celebrate


We build towers as high as the clouds, sail the seven seas and fly rockets to the moon. Mankind has risen from the plains, mountains and valleys of the natural world to dominate nature, to build civilizations, to multiply and prosper, and learn much about our world and the universe that surrounds us.

But we haven’t yet learned to stop killing our natural heritage, the majestic creatures who share our world and fuel our imaginations.

By transforming the earth to suit our needs, we have taken too much, and left so little to the beasts with whom we share this beautiful planet. Some of our most magnificent animals are being hunted or isolated into extinction, pushed by man needlessly. We need to find a way to coexist with our fellow earthlings, and let them flourish and thrive as we have. There is room for all of us on this bountiful planet.

•Suggested Activities: Supporting the World Wildlife Fund

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