canmore_rocky_mountains-hd-wallpaperThey cover 27% of the Earth’s surface, make neat dividing lines, and are beautiful to boot. Reasons enough to celebrate


You know them, you love them, you have your favorites, and now you have a National Day to celebrate mountains.

No one is quite certain what that involves, since Mountain Day is a fairly new holiday. Maybe one of the 720 million people who live in the mountains can think of something appropriate. So far, all anyone had been able to come up with is to drink shots of tequila and stare into the morning sun, but that’s the ritual for Tequila Sunrise Day, and a whole lot of other days for some people, so that’s no help.

None of the thousands of species of mountain-dwelling animals and birds had much to say either, apparently preferring their own ancient rituals. Asked for their own input, the tens of thousand of mountains in 450 mountain ranges have all stood mute, which we can take for tacit approval of the tequila ceremony. So, raise glass of tequila and salute your favorite mountain today!

•Suggested Activities: Hiking, sightseeing, skiing, drinking tequila, not yodeling.

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