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National Days


LH_duncesThey say stupid is the new brilliant, they in this case being blithering idiots. This being America, however, even idiots get a Day, and the rest of us just have to shut up and endure 


In a nation that once celebrated brilliance and achievement, and boasted of our many scientific breakthroughs, we have been beset in the past decade or so by Stupid Chic. The dismissal of facts, scholarship and science is epidemic, and in certain quarters, considered (!) witty.

Our educational Cable TV channels have been taken over by pawn shops, Bigfoot Detectives, Apocalypse Preppers and toothless people doing unspeakable things.

In Kardasian Nation, Dunce Day seems a little redundant, but at least we can reminisce about the days when we used to send guys to the moon just because we could.

•Suggested Activities: Learning something new.

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