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Elvis & The BeatlesCall it the Yalta of Rock & Roll, When Worlds Collide or Clash of The Titans, but today is


In 1965, Brian Epstein and Colonel Tom Parker, the two most celebrated managers in music history, arranged for the Beatles to meet Elvis Presley in his Memphis mansion, Graceland.

The Beatles got to hang with The King and his entourage of good old boys, joke about Elvis’ guitar-playing-country-boy-gets-the-girls movie roles, meet Priscilla, drink, play pool and trade stories with the guy they replaced as international pop music sensations. John Lennon made sure to tell Elvis that the Beatles and Rock & Roll would be nowhere without him, an opinion The King shared.

Elvis was still a young man, just 34, and would record many more hit singles before his Fellini-esque lifestyle took him at only 42. The Beatles were kids then, barely into their twenties, with a lot of astonishing work still ahead of them.

Three out of five of these legendary musicians are gone now, but the music they created remains forever young. For one day at least, the hips that shook the world met the moptops that took Rock & Roll to the next level. Would have made a wicked cell phone video.

•Suggested Activities: Spinning 45s, forming fan clubs.

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