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Ramones_-_Ramones_coverHey, ho, let’s go! You knew them, you loved them, you miss them, and you know damned well that Sheena is a Punk Rocker. Let’s rock


On this date in 1974, The Ramones played their first show at the legendary nightclub CBGB’s on The Bowery in lower Manhattan.

Jeff Hyman, John Cummings, Tom Erdelyi and Doug Colvin used their birth names for the last time when they took the stage as Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone, then proceeded to make Rock & Roll history, two minutes at a time.

With 100 MPH power chords, sledgehammer beats and Joey Ramone’s distinctively indistinct vocals, their music was fast, loud, in your face, and a whole lot of fun. The coolest cats to ever come out of Queens, The Ramones were The punk rockers, and today we rock rock Rockaway one more time.

• Suggested Activities: Getting sedated when you realize it’s the Ramones’ 47th anniversary.

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