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4._Feast_Table,_1643This is not just for chefs and foodies, today is for anyone who cooks, which means all of us on


In America, we’re all about the food. Big country, big appetite. Until the 20th Century, most of us made food, before we discovered big cities and jazz.

We’ve always been a bountiful nation, and every holiday revolves as much around food as the event itself. Every one of us have dishes we cook better than anyone else, even if it’s only scrambled eggs, while others are kitchen legends. We cook and eat every kind of food there is, since America is made up of people from every place there is.

The South has its barbecue, the West its Mexican, the North has God-knows-what-those-people-eat, and the immigrant-saturated East has all that and more, and everywhere has pizza and Chinese food. So, whether you’re cooking big or small today, or if you’re baking, frying, broiling, smoking, poaching, boiling or grilling, do it like only you can. Bon Appétit!

•Suggested Activities: Spicing it up.

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