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Italy, Kastelruth, Mature man blowing golf ball into holeRegrets? We’ve all had a few, and who doesn’t want a do-over every so often? Everyone has a thick “What I Should Have Said” and a “What I Should Have Done” file, perfect for


Remember that job interview where you called the little guy who answered the door “Shorty,” and he turned out to be the boss? How about the time when that cop asked you if you know how fast you were going and you said you had no idea because your beer was blocking the speedometer? Don’t forget that time you told the captain of the wrestling team “You’re not the boss of me!” Ouch.

Maybe you’d do things differently given another chance, and wouldn’t have gotten that Batman tattoo on your neck that’s looking more and more like the Grim Reaper every day.

•Suggested Activities: Letting the little things go.

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