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asadbirthday013727You know who you are, all those people born around Christmas Week, and yes, we all know you get royally screwed your whole life when it comes to celebrating your birthday. From this day forward, Christmas Babies get to claim December 10th as their birthday,


It’s close enough to your birthday and early enough in Christmas Season to get away with celebrating only you, just like everyone else born during the the other 11-1/2 months of the year get to do.

You’ve never had a huge fuss for your birthday before, more of an obligatory afterthought to the Christmas Juggernaut, with a cake made from leftover green Christmas cookie dough, the “Happy Birthday” song grudgingly squeezed in between Christmas Carols, and Mom telling you “this present is for Christmas, and this one is for your birthday!” No balloons, no funny hats, no games of Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey, and your friends can’t come to your birthday party because it’s friggin’ Christmas and there is no Special Day for you, Christmas Baby!

You know it’s not all about you, but dammit, some of it sure is! Well, no more of that soul-crushing anonymity. Today is your birthday and Happy Birthday to you.

•Suggested Activities: Making a wish.

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