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ice-cream-sundae-pictureWho says there can’t be 2 Sundaes in a week? There’s no better way to upgrade your Sunday than celebrating


Second only to the invention of the automobile (the better to get to the ice cream parlor), the Ice Cream Sundae was the crowning achievement of the Industrial Revolution, with no fewer than 8 cities claiming to be the point of origin for this Great American Ice Cream Confection. The Ice Cream Sundae became widely popular in the early 1900s, inspiring David Evans Strickler of Latrobe, Pennsylvania to create the Holy Grail of Sundaes in 1904, the Banana Split. The Sundae is as individual as it is universal, the choice of ice cream flavors and toppings uniquely your own. Syrup, fruit, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream, toasted coconut and a cherry on top, please. Remember, guilt is for saps when it comes to Ice Cream Sundaes, and the spiritual benefits outweigh all other considerations.

•Suggested Activities: Making a beeline to the ice cream parlor.

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