American Gothic - Grant WoodOur first president was a hemp farmer, and 7 more farmers and a rancher also became American presidents, the most recent being Jimmy Carter. There’s something humble and hopeful about farmers, generally a good natured bunch. Even in today’s largely urban society, everyone celebrates


Well, we’d better celebrate, these are the people who feed us, and we don’t want to get on their nerves. There’s about 2.2 million farms in America, covering an area larger than The United Kingdom. Agriculture is one of our largest industries, and food a major U.S. export. Working the magic of turning miles of dirt into amber waves of grain is no walk in the park, and it takes brains, guts, hard work and the cooperation of Mother Nature to make it happen. Once we got tired of all that tiresome hunting and gathering and settled down for a change, farming was the first human occupation, and the anchor of civilization. Without farms, there’s no towns, without towns, there’s no cities, without cities, there’s no countries, and without countries, there’s no Miss Brazil in the Miss Universe Pageant, and there has to be a Miss Brazil, there always has to be a Miss Brazil.  So today we thank our farmers for life as we know it, they made it all possible.

•Suggested Activities: Ploughing the North 40.

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