Cahmberlain and DaladierOn October 10th, 1938, the leaders of England and France gave Germany’s Adolph Hitler something that was not theirs to give, a piece of Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland, then had the balls to tell the world they had achieved “Peace in our time,” making today


Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier were their names, two European leaders not destined to go down in history as Great Statesmen. Hitler was not yet in a position to threaten Europe, and could have been stopped in his tracks with a show of solidarity and force by the European powers, who instead chose the path that led directly to World War 2, where both of these “victorious” nations lost their empires and millions of their countrymen’s lives. History tells us that caving in to blackmailers only encourages them to demand more and more, and 80 million violent deaths were the result of this act of cowardly appeasement. Today in the United States of America, we are faced with a similar situation, with a small faction in Congress shutting down the American government because the president will not yield to their illegal demands. The Tea Party cabal, under loud threats of causing irreparable harm to our nation, is essentially insisting that President Obama give them what is not his to give, permission to change our form of government without the consent of We The People. Here’s hoping this president will be remembered as a statesman, and not a craven appeaser of evil.

Suggested Activities:  Being a Churchill and not a Chamberlain.

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