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Is there a better name than “Bombshell McGee” in the news lately? Women’s nicknames don’t get much better than that. Well, this tattoo-covered siren actually has a second wild nickname, “Evil Cunt,” which is sort of intriguing too. Too bad about all that Nazi stuff. That just ruins the whole deal. Call people stubborn, but the fact is that no one likes a Nazi. They just don’t want to hear about the “good parts” of the Third Reich.

Speaking of Nazis, the only Pope to have ever worn their uniform, the come-hither Hitler Youth ensemble, Pope Benedict XVI seems not to have learned all that much about character judgement since those days. It turns out that a few years back when he a was only Cardinal Ratzinger, he let a pedophile priest in Milwaukee off the hook rather than risk any embarrassment for The Church. He chose not to defrock the priest who sexually molested 200 deaf boys. Nazis and Chesters? Wow. How would you like to be the priest who has to explain these things to the faithful? Don’t look for this guy’s name in the Pope Hall of Fame anytime soon.

The financial collapse of 2008 has claimed its first European country to go bankrupt, Greece. From the sound of things, Germany and France are negotiating a leveraged buyout of that ancient nation. Greece, the Lehman Brothers of nations

Now that the Republicans have succeeded in inciting violence by their supporters against Democratic legislators, it’s a little too late for them to act shocked and condemn all the the violence and death threats. They should have thought of that when they were egging those people on and waving their banners for the cameras from the steps of the Capitol Building during a rally earlier this week. Now these Tea Party cretins are feeling their oats so much that they’re planning to march on Washington carrying guns. That ought to convince people they’re just like anyone else. That is, anyone else who thinks its okay to attack Congressmen and pack heat in the supermarket.

Speaking of sour grapes, Sarah Palin has joined the Tea Party Tour as their featured speaker for $100,000 a night, just in case someone thought any of this made sense. Now there’s a lady who knows how to turn a tidy profit on a resounding electoral defeat, and doesn’t let her ignorance hold her back. Hell, anyone can learn stuff, but it takes a special brand of person to make idiocy a political asset! You have to hand it to all these people, they’re batshit crazy and don’t care who knows it.

Coming in under the news radar is the announcement that America and Russia have agreed to significantly reduce their nuclear arsenals, down from enough nukes to toast the planet 50 times over to about enough to toast the planet only 30 times. Apparently President Obama has been busy with other stuff besides Health Care and trying to convince Republicans to act like grownups. This is good news, which is probably why it was ignored by the media. No toothless goobers with Bibles and guns, no tattooed Nazi bimbos, no Tiger Woods and his baker’s dozen girlfriends who look just like his wife, just guys in suits negotiating the elimination of a bunch of bombs and missiles, each one of which can destroy a major city in flash and render the surrounding area uninhabitable for millennia. Let’s hope they keep this up.

Now that Google has committed to defying the Chinese government over the issue of Internet censorship, the rest of Corporate America hasn’t exactly rallied to their side. The silence of the corporations is pathetic. Not surprising, but pathetic just the same. This example of standing on principle (proper, ethical behavior) seems to perplex the Corporate Princes. As little as we expect of these people in the way of character and common decency, they still manage to disappoint. They had their chance to reject tyranny but put profits first instead. Sort of like the American corporations who did a brisk business with the Nazis until the day they declared war on us. Looks like Google is on their own here.

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