The Life Coach here, you there. Life has been very good for The Life Coach lately, very good indeed. My last round of Better Life Seminars were a great success, for me anyway, and that’s the whole idea of my Better Life, Advanced Better Life and Platinum Better Life Seminars. Remember, Getting and Keeping is the goal, and I can teach you to became a Getter and a Keeper. For the 2,500 smart and lucky Life Achievers who just completed last week’s introductory Better Life Seminar at only $300 a pop, the process has already begun!

What are you waiting for? Are you afraid you’ll miss being a pathetic loser? Are you enjoying being a doormat too much to find another way? Maybe you think you can’t be a Getter and Keeper, that you don’t have what it takes. The hard truth is, you probably don’t, and Life Coach doesn’t need you at his seminars. I’m not in the business of making losers feel like winners, and whining moralists need not apply. Better Life Seminars are for those who want to win and don’t care who approves!

Today’s lesson is Perseverance. Perseverance is a mind set, an attitude that never relents and never wavers from the constant pursuit of accumulation of wealth and all it can bring you. Your new motto will be Money Does Buy Happiness. Only a loser would tell you otherwise, while the shrewd Getter and Keeper seeks opportunities for material gain every day! Let the losers of this world wring their hands and shed crocodile tears for the poor and the needy. The poor and the needy are poor and needy because they lack the will to take what they want only because they want it, not because it would be nice to have, or it would come in handy, or because they “deserve it.”

Deserving has nothing to do with it. If it did, nobody would be poor, very few would be rich, and it wouldn’t be half the fun. But this world is what it is, and bold, raw persistence beats deserving every time. A Life Achiever is Persistent. A Life Achiever is Relentless. A Life Achiever is rich, and the vast majority of other people are not. As discussed earlier in this space, other people do not matter, except for what they can do for you or get for you, and their lives and feelings are none of your concern. It truly is all about you! While The Life Coach Better Life System is not quite as simple as all that, at my Better Life, Advanced Better Life and Platinum Better Life Seminars you will learn the nuts and bolts of getting rich, staying rich and getting even richer. Your first Better Life Seminar gets you started, gives you the tools you need to take, take and take some more!

When you develop a taste for caviar, you’re ready for The Advanced Better Life Seminar, where, for only $1,000, the finer points of acquisition, finance, leverage and profiteering are laid out for those who wish to distinguish themselves from the pack, to become an Advanced Life Achiever, a man of means and knowhow, on the fast track to your second million. Advanced Life Achievers are confident, relaxed and focused, live as they please, enjoy the finer things in life, and the company of many attractive lovers.

After mastering being an Advanced Life Achiever, those who would walk among the giants and join the tiny elite fraternity of Master Accumulators, these are the people who attend the Platinum Better Life Seminar, the final plateau in the Life Coach Better Life System. Platinum graduates gladly pay $10,000 for the keys to attaining incredible, wealth, luxury, travel, jewels, fine art, multiple mansions, private aircraft, mistresses on every continent and a staff of shameless ass kissers doing their bidding.

A Master Accumulator is basically a rich man’s rich man, the fastest yacht in the harbor, the biggest, shiniest diamond on display. Get started today on the Road to A Better Life Through Accumulation. Call 1-(800)-NUMBER 1 and learn more about The Life Coach Better Life System. Remember, your life gets better when you start looking out for #1 first, last and in between, so do something just for yourself right now only because there is something in it for you! You will learn that there is no other reason to lift a finger, ever. Have you been askingWhere’s Mine?” The Life Coach will show you where it’s at.

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