Just when you think you’ve heard it all, it turns out you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet. When you figure you’ve seen the worst, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Now we are treated to reports of widespread child sacrifice in Uganda. Then you pray with all your soul that there isn’t anything worse than that. Could there possibly be? Child sacrifice? What the Fuck? It can’t be worse! But it does get worse

You can’t process this shit. There’s no imaginable frame of reference in your mind for this to fully register. Here’s what makes child sacrifice even worse: This isn’t the work of one demented serial killer. It’s an extensive network of mass murderers on a rampage, a national network of (!) Witch Doctors. A cut of every Witch Doctor’s $260 consulting fee is whacked up with the national leadership and to “witch doctor protection rackets.”

Who’s worse, serial killer butchers of children or those who extort money from serial killer butchers of children to keep their crimes undetected?  Wow, even the fucking devil himself would have a hard time with that call. One guy, a former witch doctor, admits to 70 murders, including his own 10 year-old son.

Now he campaigns against child sacrifice, under no threat of arrest, free as a bird. The government of Uganda is on record as saying “To punish retrospectively would cause a problem… if we can persuade Ugandans to change, that is so much better than going back in the past.” Those are the words of James Nsaba Buturo, Uganda’s Minister of, get this; Ethics and Integrity!

While it’s probably a terrific idea to establish something called The Ministry of Ethics and Integrity in a country that tolerates child sacrifice, it might be a better idea to arrest all the child butchers and the child butcher protection gangs and lock them up for about a thousand years. There is nothing worse than these people, and no amount of cultural differences bullshit would ever explain away butchering children alive. Human beings don’t do that. Not ever.

Isn’t this something the United Nations should be up in arms about? Whose human rights need more protecting than a child’s? The prevention of any further kidnapping, torturing and disemboweling of children should be the number one job at the U.N. right now. Where is the international outrage? Where are the sanctions against Uganda? Why are world leaders not telling Uganda to cut that shit out already? Why don’t Ugandan leaders stop this gargantuan evil in their own land? What the Fuck?

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