Is anybody out there prepared at a moment’s notice to set fire to a bunch of police vehicles? Seems like something you’d have to prepare for pretty carefully, no? It’s probably not all that easy to do, especially since the police who use those vehicles would be handy, and very likely less than enthusiastic about losing their rides. And yet you read in the papers about “spontaneous” riots that occur here and there across this globe, and it appears that random people in the street carry incendiary devices, just in case they happen upon a riot. Can this be the case?

And what about those cities in the Middle East where the rioters throw stones? Where do they get them? Do cities in the Middle East differ from cities everywhere else in the world by having an abundance of tennis ball-sized stones laying around, or are there stone vendors in those cities who spring into action like the umbrella vendors in New York City during a sudden rain storm? By definition, riots are spontaneous flare-ups, so you have to wonder how all this works.

So many things go on in this world that you just sort of take for granted until you think about them a little while. Take all those genocide campaigns in Africa. That sort of thing takes a whole lot of time and energy, especially since the weapons of choice seem to be the machete and the gasoline-soaked burning automobile tire around someone’s neck. Where do all those machetes come from? Does everybody have one? Or the tires? You have to figure that there’s a whole bunch of vehicles up on cinder blocks with the gas siphoned out of them when a good old genocide campaign gets going. Seems like an awful lot of trouble.

Why not just run them over? They obviously have plenty of cars around, and they would be far more efficient when the goal is to kill as many people as possible in a short time before those pesky United Nations troops show up. How much less time-consuming that would be than all that hacking and severing of limbs and jacking up cars to remove the tires and the siphoning of gasoline! Sounds a bit counter-productive, no? And don’t they care about getting their clothes all messed up with grease, gasoline and blood? Sometimes it seems that these genocide slaughterers don’t think these things all the way through.

And so you wonder. You look at pictures of Buddhist monks, and it dawns on you that half of them are young boys, like 11 or 12 and even younger. You’re thinking, that’s an awful young age to commit yourself to celibacy, poverty and everlasting prayer. You wonder maybe if for a lot of them it wasn’t their idea to walk around barefoot with shaved heads wearing orange robes and chanting all day long, the monotony broken up only by receiving severe beatings with rubber truncheons from Chinese soldiers. Then you figure out why there’s so few really old Buddhist monks, that plenty of these kids quit the monk business once they realize there’s no money in it and there are other options in life, like getting some pussy, or a pair of pants and a shirt, maybe some shoes too.

Then you check out reports from Europe and notice that a lot of places over there are getting back into anti-Semitism and xenophobia in a big way. On the one hand they’re going all Kumbaya on each other with this European Union and their standardized Euro currency and fair trade agreements, and on the other hand bitching and moaning about immigrants diluting their “cultural purity.” Haven’t we heard that term somewhere before? Rings a bell. Oh, yeah, the Nazis, that’s right! The Japanese Empire too! Hitler, Hirohito, genocide, World War, that sort of thing. What, are Europeans getting nostalgic for that shit? How does that work, exactly? Is there a memory lapse virus going around on the Continent? Do they want things both ways, having peace and prosperity and their cherished nationalistic hatreds?

Not exactly compatible goals. Maybe they should read the science journals and catch up on the DNA news; there are no “pure” races, and we’re all pretty much a bunch of mutts who have been humping one another and mixing our DNA since before we left our caves. And once we began sailing the 7 seas, all bets were off. How do people think Tiger Woods exists? He’s a mix of the DNA of just about every continent and major island chain, and is obviously a guy just as driven as his far-flung ancestors to spread his seed. And wasn’t that whole “Master Race” theory exposed as a fraud in 1945 when both claimants to that throne were soundly defeated by the “Mongrel Races” they sought to enslave? So you wonder what’s on people’s minds lately, and how things work.

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