So now the Senators are selling out American citizens again, this time by taking the public option out of the pending health care reform legislation. Without that public option, the bill has no point at all and reforms nothing, once again leaving millions of Americans without any health care. What President Obama needs to do is veto this bill and start fresh. It is long past time for the United States to provide national health care for its citizens. The health insurance industry is an impediment to health care, for the most part being a profit-driven corporate structure.

While profit-driven corporate structures are fine in other industries, the health of a nation’s citizens should not be just another business. Health care should be the right of every American, just like it is our right to be protected by our police forces, fire departments, criminal justice systems and our armed forces. It is in the nation’s best interests to protect all its citizens, and caring for their health is about as basic as that gets.

President Obama was elected in large part because he promised to reform health care and provide medical insurance to every American, and like a fool he left the details up to Congress. Well, Congress can’t seem to be able to plan a meal, never mind a comprehensive national health care system. These cynical sellouts are screwing the pubic once again, bowing to pressure (and bribes) from the rich and powerful medical and drug industry lobbyists.

These transparent assholes are instructed by their benefactors to claim that the government has no business replacing an existing industry, ignoring the fact that most effective and cost-efficient health care provider in America is the United States Government, via Medicare and Medicaid, and have been for the forty four years of their existence. There is also the system of Veterans Hospitals that have been in successful operation since 1930. What the government needs to do is extend Medicare to all Americans, and expand the system accordingly.

Why ignore the obvious when it is staring us right in the face? Medicare works, period. It cares for our elderly citizens, a demographic beset with far more ills than the rest of us, and does it very well. Doctors gladly accept the Medicare fee schedule, as do hospitals, and make a decent living from these payments, and Medicare patients receive excellent health care. The same is true of Medicaid. Private health insurers, meanwhile, are designed to make profits, a goal at odds with efficient and comprehensive health care.

They have had de facto “Death Panels” for years and years, often condemning patients with serious diseases that could be treated and cured to death by denying them expensive treatment or declaring their disease a “pre-existing condition” and thus not covered by their costly health plans. And there are tens of millions of Americans who cannot afford private health insurance, and this law leaves them and their children in exactly the same position as they already were; uncovered and extremely vulnerable to disease, injury and death. Our Senators and Congressmen could give a shit less about the people they work for (us) and just proved it again

The “public option” that these corrupt legislators ridicule is far more efficient and effective than any other health plan. A health care reform bill without some sort of public option must be vetoed, and the president has to rip these people new assholes to remind them who it is they are working for; the American people and not the corporations. Obama blew this one big time by not insisting on specific details and the inclusion of every single American citizen. Let’s see if he has the balls to admit it, and to do something about it.

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