Well, so much for the new millennium, fresh starts, new ages and all that flowery bullshit we all bought into when the calendar changed from 1999 to 2000. We’re closing in on our first decade into the 21st Century and the story in a nutshell is MOTSOS, short for More Of The Same Old Shit. Better yet, MOTSOSS, More Of The Same Old Stupid Shit. Forget about any new age of brotherhood and the slight incremental improvements in racial or ethnic relations within various nations.

As a whole, the nations of humanity are hating and killing each other just as zealously as always, and it’s only the presence of nuclear bombs that prevents us from starting another good old World War to really let each other know how much we get on each others’ nerves. Nothing says “fuck you!” like a sending in the Marines.

Here in America we were so proud to have finally elected a black man to be our president, but that pride is merely a refection of the shame that it should be such a big deal in the first place. We didn’t do anything wonderful or progressive, we simply elected the smartest guy who was running for president that particular year, as logic and intelligence would dictate. Let’s not get all weepy or get injured patting ourselves on the back over something that should be routine and automatic.

Let’s see how wonderful we all are if our black president isn’t such a great leader, only a run-of-the-mill president. Hell, we’ve elected a whole bunch of white mediocrities through the years and never gave a second thought to supporting another dim bulb with a loud mouth to replace the previous dim bulb with a loud mouth who didn’t work out all that well.

When we can do the same with blacks, other minorities and women, maybe we’ll be getting somewhere, but we sure ain’t there yet. If we were, the color of the president’s skin wouldn’t mean jack shit, only his or her abilities and ideas would matter. Speaking of president’s ideas, it’s seems our current president can’t figure out how to get out of a war we won eight years ago when we invaded Afghanistan, overthrew their government and annihilated their armies.

That’s winning a war by anybody’s definition. It seems the Afghanistan government was giving asylum and a base of operations to Osama bin Laden and his terrorist gang al Qaeda that attacked America so devastatingly on 9/11/2001. That was no army that handed America that defeat but a criminal gang, yet humanity in general and America in particular had no other response to criminal gangs other than powerful military forces wreaking destruction on a backward nation, the vast majority of whose citizens had no idea what the hell was an al Qaeda or a bin Laden.

They worried more about their goats and poppy crops than jihad, or at least they did until we crushed their government and occupied their nation for 8 long years. Now, thanks to our idiotic refusal to to accept victory, there’s no shortage of militant jihadists, mostly illiterate bozos who couldn’t find America on a map. These are basically the same people who outlasted Alexander the Great’s occupation of their nation in 330 B.C. and dozens more “conquerors” that left them unchanged as a people. Why we got it into our heads that Afghanistan can become our 51st State is a huge mystery.

Of course it didn’t help that our president at the time was so fucking stupid that a year or so later he invaded another country that wasn’t even our enemy simply because he believed the lies that the Big Oil corporations spread about Iraq so they could steal their petroleum. So his puppet masters fostered fear and hatred of Muslims in order to justify another invasion, another foreign army annihilated, another sovereign government toppled and a whole bunch of our own precious young soldiers and uncounted Iraqi civilians getting slaughtered.

In Iraq we even hung their leader for good measure, just in case there was a chance of getting out of there with an apology and reparations for wrecking the place by mistake. Of course, invading the wrong country is about as big a boneheaded mistake as any leader can make, but being that we are America in possession of enough nuclear bombs to destroy this planet and the rest of the planets orbiting our sun, including the disenfranchised Pluto, we had a shot of getting out of the place without any retaliatory invasion of our own nation.

But nooo, we had to disband their army and abolish every civic arrangement they had for governing their own nation, just like we’re trying to do in Afghanistan, to start from scratch and try to build mini-Americas without any actual Americans or admirers of America living in these places. Could we be any stupider? Now our government wants to send more troops to Afghanistan rather that simply abandoning the place to their own devices and let them think long and hard about harboring any terrorist criminal gangs in the future.

Of course any time anybody sends in troops they say they are doing it for “peace.” For peace? Armies? If you want to send in people to promote peace, the last group of people you want to send in is the Marines, dammit! Those are not umbrellas those guys carry around everywhere they go, those are high-powered rifles, for crying out loud! Send belly dancers, comedians, plumbers, accountants, anybody but the Marines if peace it what you seek. Military forces have but one function in society, and that is to fight our wars. And when you send in the Marines to promote peace, then you are saying that it is okay to kill for peace. How crazy is that?

Being that we are the leading superpower in the world, our example is well-noted by killers and conquerors everywhere, and outside of Australia and Antarctic, there are wars, hate-fueled genocide and terrorist campaigns raging on every continent and archipelago. Talk about MOTSOSS, and America is right in the thick of it by perpetuating two wars we won years ago. What, do we have to re-defeat these two poor slobs nations constantly to show what badasses we are? That’s not just fucking stupid, it’s plain evil.

Then there are those geniuses among us who want us to withdraw our armed forces from Iraq and Afghanistan only so we’re in good shape to invade (!) Iran, another nation that is not our enemy. Presumably we’ll be killing for peace there too. Probably dismantling their government and army and ensuring civil chaos and insurgency so that we can keep sacrificing a bunch more of our dedicated young soldiers for no reason at all for years to come. Anyone espousing these ideas in our Congress, the Pentagon or any of our other halls of power should be enthusiastically beaten with sticks about the head and neck until they shut the fuck up.

We’ve already soiled the first 10 years of our brand new millennium with all our petty hatreds and earnest butchery. Let’s not completely fuck up the remaining 990 years. There’s no law that says we have to keep repeating More Of The Same Old Stupid Shit until we run out of excuses not to grow up and cut out all the insane killing and hatred. Then just maybe someday nobody will send in the Marines to do a job that was meant for people who don’t carry firearms. We just might surprise ourselves one of these days by growing a pair of balls and saying NO to war and hatred, and then pimp-slapping the war mongers silly.

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