Some things are just too nuts to contemplate, and yet by their very existence you’re forced to. When something extremely weird is in your face twenty five hours a day, eight days a week for what feels like 400 days a year, you sort of have to confront it and call it what it is. Namely: some real crazy shit. Take all this comparing of Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler. What the hell is that all about? First of all, Obama’s at least a head taller, with no mustache and a much better tan than that pasty-faced little uber asshole. Much calmer orator too, actually making sense most of the time, and with not such a nasty temper. And oh yeah, he’s not rounding anybody up for extermination or launching any blitzkriegs on Canada.

Seems a lot of people don’t want Bush The Younger’s disasters cleaned up, they like things just the way he left them: the financial system in ruins, two costly little wars in places no one really gives a shit about, Osama bin Laden still free to make more videos that Beyonce, New Orleans still waiting for FEMA five years later, the Bill of Rights under assault, a bunch of prisoners of war being abused contrary to Geneva Convention rules, every child left behind in our failing school systems and 50 million Americans having no heath coverage. Apparently to some people that’s preferable than having these problems fixed by a Nigger. Might as well call a space a spade, as so many Neanderthals are doing under the pretext of calling the president something else. And these walking, talking nightmares are getting a hell of a lot of press coverage. Why? Isn’t life traumatic enough for everybody lately?

If there are any white people reading this who claim they have never heard these sentiments expressed, you are a damned liar. This writer is white and I have been the dubious beneficiary of too many white people’s winking assumptions that I share their feelings that Obama is a chimpanzee, a nigger, an uppity spade, an affirmative action president, a subhuman half breed and even a Black Panther (!) sleeper. They were a little perturbed when I told them to go fuck themselves and the racist horse they rode in on up the ass. While the more honest among them called me a traitor to my race (the human one?) or a nigger lover, some of the damned fools actually tried to change their tune and say it was really his policies they disagreed with (locking the old barn door of their mouths a little late for that, no?).

What fucking policies? The guy’s been in office for a lousy half a year putting his fingers in the dyke the whole damned time trying to hold back the floods of calamities that started happening before he even got sworn in! To formulate policies, you’ve got to first get the patient breathing again, and these Neanderthals are doing their best keep their own nation comatose if it helps to get rid of a black president. That’s not crazy? Cracker, please! It sure as shit is.

The only thing worse than racists are those who try to hide their hatred behind phony patriotism or phonier religion. Nobody really thinks our president was born in Kenya, nor do they believe that he is really a Muslim. What a load of crap. That’s just an excuse to try to eliminate The Nigger, period, amen. The insanity of racism has not left America, it’s just gotten sneakier. You could say it’s gotten subtle, but that would just be more crazy lies. There’s nothing subtle about comparing a man to Adolph Hitler, accusing him of planning death panels, attempting to take over private lives and plotting the downfall of his own country from within. That’s not subtle, that’s batshit crazy! If Obama was white, he’d be just another president who’s running the country the way he feels is right even though many people disagree with his policies.

Everybody knows that’s the way it is when the party you voted for loses the White House and both Houses of Congress; the new policies are pretty much the opposite of what you think is right but you’ve got to deal with it. Majority rules and there’s no do-overs until the next election. At least everybody with half a grip on sanity knows that. Cottage industries and TV careers are being forged by tapping into the insane racism of those Americans who can’t let go of that crazy shit and who are just plain stupid enough, gullible enough and loony enough to listen to a bunch of manipulative cynics playing them like puppets. The manipulators know better, they just don’t act better. If a damned one of them had any thoughtful comments or reasonable criticisms to make, they would be made, and that would be just fine. Obama’s not infallible or some sort of super genius who should never be questioned. But maybe the questions should have something to do with reality rather than some invented lunacy that has nothing to do with anything. Is that asking a whole lot?

Screaming meaningless slogans, pointing fingers and holding your hands over your ears pretty much tells everybody you are either a seven year old or a complete lunatic. You are how you act and what you say. You can’t claim to be different from what you say and do, that’s even crazier than your initial craziness. And there’s not exactly any better ideas flowing out of the president’s opposition. If there were, they’d  be put out there in public too, but there aren’t any so that’s why they are not publicized. Always go with the obvious answer. People who have great ideas generally don’t shut up about them. People with crazy ideas like get rid of the nigger always present them as something else. That’s sort of like when some jackass tells you that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. What? That’s when your eyes glaze over and you shout “Scotty, beam me the fuck outta here!”

So here we are in the very beginning of a new presidency with a shot to get some progressive things accomplished that will benefit all Americans, even the batshit crazy ones, and we’re subjected to the craziest and stupidest among us dominating the exchange of ideas, if it can be charitably called that when only one side actually has any. This time we went for the real smart guy to lead us, no guarantee that he’ll get everything right but a considerable leap up the IQ food chain for the presidency. That’s at least something. But when the opposition takes the form of blatant insanity fueled by sour grapes losers without any programs of their own, it’s time to start ignoring these fools and just implement as many of your policies as possible with or without the consent of the lunatics, who’s approval you don’t need anyway since the election went your way big time.

And it’s not like this Obama guy didn’t try to offer the olive branch, either. He came into office thinking he could work with these people and maybe inject some sanity into American politics again with their cooperation. Well, guess again, Prez, you’re on your own there. They bit your your hand faster than a mongoose on a cobra. And don’t look for much help from a lot of your Democratic brethren in Congress, half of them are as nuts as the opposition and a there’s no shortage of them who are deep in the pockets of wealthy lobbyists. It’s definitely a lead-by-example deal here, and if you lose it and get crazy too, well, we’re all fucked, simple as that. At least you’ve got the votes to do stuff now. So do stuff already, and screw the racist crazies and the pretend Christians preaching hate and death. Take it from a New Yorker who can navigate just fine in one of the craziest and most glorious places ever invented, and from a very famous admiral: Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!

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