Boy, you thought that liberals where whiners? Compared to the disgraced and disenfranchised Neo-Cons, they’re a bunch of tight-lipped stoics. Who would have thought these tough talking bullies would turn into schoolgirls the minute they were out of power? Well, pretty much anyone who’s familiar with bullies, that’s who. War mongers who feared to wear a uniform themselves when they were of age never did have any credibility, all they had was power. And they exercised that power without heed to any Constitutional constraints, perhaps figuring that document to be too liberal for their liking. They decided to invade Iraq for what they fully knew were false reasons, causing death and destruction and costing America almost 5,000 of our sons’ and daughters’ lives while many thousands more were grievously wounded.

They used the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington as a political tool to limit the rights and freedoms of American citizens, viewing that devastating attack as a political opportunity to solidify their own power through fear mongering and dictatorship-style crackdowns. They implemented the torture of prisoners of war in violation of a treaty that America signed, The Geneva Convention, not caring a bit that it was wrong, unconstitutional and, just as importantly, that it exposed our own soldiers to torture in the event of their capture. They didn’t care because they were tough guys! Or at least tough guys on the asses of others, a pretty easy stance to take when your own personal comfort is never in jeopardy.

These people also oversaw the greatest peaceful transfer of wealth from the working classes to the wealthy in human history, seeking to roll back the social progress America began to make in the 1930s. The vast majority of America’s wealth has been concentrated in the hands of a small minority under the watch of the Neo-Cons and their undisguised contempt for the poor and the working classes was most evident during Hurricane Katrina, when they let New Orleans and wide swaths of the Gulf Coast drown while they patted each other on the back.

They never did hunt down the guy who attacked America, Osama bin Laden, because it proved to be difficult, or at any rate a lot more difficult than invading Iraq, hanging their leader and stealing their oil. Besides, capturing bin Laden would deprive them of their Bogeyman, and his successful video career was their greatest asset when it came to passing laws aimed at spying on American citizens and gutting the Bill of Rights. He was of much more use to them roaming free than dead or captured and he played brilliantly into their hands with one “Death to America” rant after another, secure in the knowledge that the hunt for him had been put on the back burner. Osama bin Laden was a more effective member of the Bush The Younger Administration than any 10 bright eyed young Christian Fascists.

This was the atmosphere in America when it was time to elect a new president in 2008. Is it any wonder that the American electorate recoiled in horror at the monster we had allowed to be created in our midst and voted their cynical, evil asses out of the White House and both Houses of Congress? These faux tough guys who were tough at everyone else’s expense with no risk to themselves were gone, and a new president had to deal with the massive wreckage they’d left behind. The economy was on the brink of The Second Great Depression, America was reviled throughout the world as a war mongering empire and the rights and freedoms that are the birthright of every American were under attack by our own government. Greed, tyranny, corruption and incompetence had brought America low.

So the country voted the bums out, hoping they just went away in disgrace when they saw the fruits of their handiwork, the monumental failures in every area of their policy making. Well, guess again. The Neo-Cons are out in force, all over TV, the newspapers and the internet defending their record and attacking the new administration that is not even 6 months old. They are crying like any schoolyard bully who has just had his nose bloodied by a former victim. They say Obama is un-American, the very same thing that got them tossed out on their ears. They cry that he is a Socialist, all the while collecting the benefits of the social legislation of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the form of hefty pensions and protection of their Federally insured bank accounts, which would have evaporated in the financial crisis they themselves created if not for FDR.

They defend torture (!) and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus as necessary emergency measures. Well, Einsteins, the use of torture and the suspension of the right to appear before a court of law to answer any charges against one is considered an emergency by most Americans. You don’t defend America by becoming less American and abandoning the ideals and the legal rights that so many have fought and died to create and preserve. You know, people who actually were tough guys and put their own lives and fortunes where their mouths were. The people who created this nation were considered liberals, if by liberal you mean caring about the other guy and putting his rights, his welfare and his pathway to opportunity on an equal footing as their own, even unto the point of dying for their beliefs.

Which is pretty much the opposite of the mindset of the Neo-Con men, a mindset entrenched in corporate America as it continues to operate as if Bush The Younger and his Supreme Leader Shotgun Dick Cheney were still calling the shots. Well, they’re not, and as it turned out they are being viewed more and more by rank and file Americans as the enemies of the state they always were. As so they complain and lash out and weep for themselves like petulant children. And our new president must still deal with cleaning up after these selfish infants, no matter how long and loud they wail. The mess America finds itself in is their mess, one they knew they were creating but did not care as long as they got theirs, a classic childhood problem that only careful guidance and stern parenting can correct. It’s time for these incompetent creeps to grow up and take their medicine. You want to have a say in how things get done, don’t act like you care, just care.

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