The heck with all that bad news circulating lately. It’s getting pretty monotonous so perhaps this is a day to ignore all that. We are not presidents and kings with the world on our shoulders and we’re not magicians who can Abra Cadabra life’s troubles away. What we can do, however, is change the world every single day in little ways. Toss a few snowballs around with some little kids, spend some time with that old granny down the block, maybe help her do some shopping. She’s pretty good company and has seen a lot and knows a lot and still has a positive outlook and a ton of curiosity. There’s a lesson there for those of us ground down by bad tidings. Odds are Granny has experienced far worse in her many years on this planet and has come out the other side just fine.

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Sure are a hell of a lot of people around, no? No shortage of those, and the vast majority of them are walking miracles, full of insights that wouldn’t occur to you and eager to hear your side of the story too. Of course here’s always a few bitter and nasty souls here and there, but too few to worry about. They’re best left alone to their bitterness unless you think you can reach them somehow, and that is always a possibility if you have the love and the patience. The best part of life is that it isn’t over yet and wonders and miracles are always around us, everywhere at all times. And to gain access to them, all we need to do is open our eyes. Those rambunctious guys digging up the street with their jackhammers and bulldozers? They know exactly what’s down there and how to fix it. How cool is that?

That loopy little kid tearing up and down the sidewalk all the time? He’s full of fun and whacky knowledge you haven’t noticed and if you can get him to slow down and share some if it you’ll be glad you did. He knows that Mrs. Miller’s dog loves licorice just as much as he does and where all the best puddles form when it rains.You didn’t know that! What about those giggling teenage girls in front of your neighbor’s house all the time? That’s music they’re making, part of the soundtrack of your everyday life. Those old guys in the park looking like they’re arguing all the time?  Well, they are, and that’s how they communicate and share their love. And there’s centuries of experience there when you get a few of them together. Listen and learn.

That lady in the doctor’s office with the frazzled look and the half moon eyeglasses? She runs the place and knows more about the patients than the doctor. And if you’re nice to her you can get an appointment sooner rather than later. Those cops who drive by slow all the time looking all serious? They just want to get through the day with nothing bad to report and go home to their families with some good news. How about all those young singles crowding the local taverns? They’re just looking to connect, to somehow find love and friendship and good times and tell the world that they are alive and they are somebody. If it doesn’t always work out, well, what does? There’s always tomorrow.

How about those exotic parrots from South America that somehow made themselves a home in New York City? They’re blue and green and yellow and they squawk a lot about the cold weather, but still they figure out a way to thrive and survive and raise their young. Remind you of anybody? Everybody?  Their music is part of the soundtrack too, and their brilliant colors only add to the visuals. And if the plain brown little birds are a little jealous, well, there’s nothing to be done about that. Such is life, there’s always another delicate little beauty parading around, and all we can do is show our appreciation and give thanks that we are here and that our eyes are wide open. Life is good and wonders abound.

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