John McCain is a Hindu and hangs around with transvestites. A pretty bold statement, and completely untrue, but here it is being said twice in a row on the internet, in bold print, no less, so there must be something to it. Shouldn’t people fear him? Shouldn’t they be completely repulsed by the fact that a practicing Hindu and a friend to sexual deviants is running for President of the United States? A man who plans to take his oath of office on the Vedas, the Hindu bible! And as a Hindu President, he will ban eating beef! Big Macs will become Big Soy burgers! 

And not only that, John McCain’s 10 homes all double as Hindu Temples and transvestite brothels. Take a closer look at his “wife,”  Cindy, who’s slim hips and flat chest aren’t fooling anybody. Cindy McCain is really a man! Two more lies, but they are written in bold print and published on the internet, so again, you have to wonder if there’s some truth to these absurd statement. That is, if you’re a complete moron.

But morons vote. Ask the people who claim to think Obama is a Muslim who hates white people. Or those who think Sarah Palin is infused with The Holy Spirit. They’re going to vote. Not for (the Hindu transvestite lover) John McCain, but against Barack Obama. One suspects that all this bullshit about Islam and anti-white rumors is simply a mask for their racism, still being unwilling to vote for a black man, even if he is half white. They question where he was born (the answer to that is America), where his loyalties lie (again, to America) and all sorts of really irrelevant crap that’s a real stretch, even to the sensibilities of complete morons. 

The fact is, there’s still plenty of racists left in America, but they know it’s dead wrong so they make all kinds of other excuses for not supporting Barack Obama. It’s fine not to vote for someone because you disagree with their policies, no matter what their skin color. Obama doesn’t earn a single vote for being black. It’s the policies he proposes that should sink or float his campaign. But his policies are not something that racists care about. They see the color of his skin and stop right there, and are even willing to vote for a man like McCain who will ensure a continuation of Bush The Younger’s disastrous policies for our country. 

These people are perfectly aware that Obama is not a Muslim, does not hate white people, does not hang around with terrorists and is a loyal American. Those are simply smoke screens since they don’t have the balls to come out and say out loud that they hate blacks and would never cast their vote for a black candidate. They may be stupid and ignorant, but the rest of us are not and they are fooling no one but themselves and one another. So all you can say to assholes like this is John McCain is a Hindu and hangs around with transvestites and will change our motto to In Vishnu We trust!

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