Dogs must be going nuts in America. They say animals can smell fear in human beings and we must be stinking up the joint these days. If we're not fearing nebulous threats from rag-tag militias or small nations we're fearing for our health. The Republicans, experts on creating and exploiting fear, are already starting the not-so-subtle process of creating fear ads in regard to Barack Obama, who hasn't even won the Democratic nomination yet. All manner of journals and video media are implementing fear campaigns about threats to the health of Americans, possibly the most well-fed and healthy group of people in history. I'd bet dollars to Trans-fat soaked doughnuts that poor people in Third World countries would trade places with even the poorest Americans in a heartbeat, figuring they'll cross the cholesterol bridge when they come to it.

And if they did manage to get to reside here, do you think these people who have had to fight over canvas sacks of flour and grain would give a rat's ass whether their meat was cooked on clean propane or regular gas? They'd be eating meat for a change, and their children would have a better shot of seeing their tenth birthday! They'd most likely take their chances with acid reflux and elevated cholesterol levels. Would these people wonder about the phobias and fears Americans are embracing? You bet. They' look around them and see more cars in a single city than exist in their entire nation, retail food outlets specializing in cups of coffee and they'd be hard pressed not to faint in ecstasy when entering any supermarket anywhere in the United States.

You think they'd notice that not only is schooling freely available, but mandatory? That public libraries would lend them any book they wished to read for free? That water is so plentiful that people grow inedible pants just to beautify their surroundings? Would it escape their notice that even many poor Americans are fat? Or own cell phones, TVs and computers? That sanitary conditions, clean running water, reliable electricity and paved roads are universal? They'd be all eyes and ears. And being humans, they'd be full of questions. Such as: What he hell are you people afraid of? You're Americans living in America and nobody's coming here to shoot up your village, steal your livestock and crops and kill you.

You're Americans who get to decide who runs your government, giving you at least the opportunity to change things. You can watch any sort of TV show you like, read whatever you feel like reading and travel around free as a bird with no checkpoints anywhere to inspect your papers. You can call your leaders idiots if you like, practice whatever cockamamie religion appeals to you and nobody will lock you up for it. No government agents kick down your door in the dead of night and haul you away or stop you in the street for no reason. You can get rich in America, where, by Third World standards, everybody is rich. You can enjoy all these things and rejoice that you live here.

Or you can be afraid of your own shadow and ruin the whole experience. You can succumb to the repressive politicians who would have you making decisions based on fear or you can worry yourself sick over every killjoy report hat comes out identifying yet another nebulous threat to your perfect health. Better to recognize that the fear mongers run in packs like wild dogs, knowing that their kind is dying. What has worked so well in the recent past need not work anymore. There is a man named Barack Obama who wants to prey on your hopes and dreams and concentrate on the positive aspects of life in America and that has the fear mongers working overtime to cut that nonsense out. The last thing they want is for people to open their eyes.

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